October 15, 2015

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I was recruited to play at a Division III school my freshman year of college. I played there that year and then decided I wanted to study art, which was a program this DIII school did not have, so I transferred. I am currently attending a DII school where I am not playing volleyball. I have never missed anything like I miss playing volleyball. I feel like there’s a hole in my chest. So I have decided I want to play again.

My first question, is how many years do I have left to play? I played college DIII last year and didn’t play this year.

My second question is that I want to play at a DII school, which I know I can do, so does that change how many years I have to play? I don’t know how that affects anything.

And lastly, how do I contact coaches to tryout for the team? Should I send recruiting videos like I did when I was looking to play my first year of college? Do I have to apply to the school before going to tryouts?

I would really appreciate your response. Thank you for your time.

-Lost without the game.

Glad you are wanting to get back onto the court; father time will soon take away that option, so best to play when you can really play.

As to your question, NCAA rules in Division II say that you have 10 semesters to play 8 semesters (in DI, it is 5 years to play four, as a clock starts your first moment on the court).  

So, since you started in DIII, you used 2 semesters that year.  As a student in DII, since you were enrolled full time you (if this is your first semester at this DII school) you have used 1 more semester, but since you did not play, this fall and spring semesters can be counted as a 'redshirt year'.  By my understanding of the rules, you would have 3 more seasons of eligibility in DII and DI.

If you plan on trying to participate in DII at your current school, you should approach the head coach and explain your situation, and then ask if you can tryout/participate with the team in the spring semester.  It is common in DII for spring tryouts/participation for current students and/or transfers.

If you plan on trying to attend another school, then you need to immediately start reaching out to potential schools with emails and a video link.  Schools want to see your skill sets, because they are also looking at HS seniors during the recruiting process.  Today's recruiting is all about videos and how you can make a team better.

Please note, that since you started as an athlete at a NCAA school, you will need to be eligible to play (even though you are currently at a school) with regards to unit count and transfer release.

Good luck!


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