October 19, 2015

College Volleyball Recruiting Management

Hi Coach!

My daughter is a Sophomore Volleyball player who has played club for the past 4 years.  She is in the middle of her High School season and plays on JV.  Our school Varsity is all Seniors so hoping there is room next year.  Anyway, her club coach was just recently contacted by a Div 1 recruiter who was very interested in my daughter.  Unfortunately, the recruiter thought she was a Junior.  Her coach spoke with her quite a while about my child's personality and presence on the court.  

She is a 6'1" Middle so I know that helps to get a look.  They let her know that she is on their list for the next year's recruits and they will watch her this club season.   Anyway, first question is why did they contact the club coach rather than the high school coach?  And, how do we make sure that they don't forget about her next year?  It is a great school and just an amazing opportunity.


College volleyball coaches communicate through club coaches (until the player is eligible to be contacted per NCAA rules) because club volleyball and club season tournaments are the main vehicle for recruiting.  With the volleyball seasons being conducted the same time for high school and college, college volleyball programs will concentrate on their own season and don't have the staffing to double dip into the high school realm.  The reality is that high school volleyball has become devalued in the recruiting process because of the dominance of club volleyball.

Your second question is more important - Stay active in the recruiting process.  They won't forget about her, if she stays in communication with them.  With the rise of club volleyball, securing a college roster spot/scholarship has become a competitive process. The players/families which stay active and engaged will be the ones who earn the opportunity.  Families which are still operating under the belief that the college coaches will find them because their daughter is talented, are the ones which are not as successful.  

Use this DI school's interest as an affirmation of her potential and reach out to 100 schools of a similar stature - Communicating with just one school is not the best recruiting success odds.  Since a DI reached out to the club coach, this translates into having the potential to play at that DI level (and below).  It is your responsibility to start reaching out to additional schools with an email, volleyball profile and video.  

Don't get hung up on the "great school and amazing opportunity" because they are looking at 100's of your daughter and will offer the player who best fits their program's needs (and the program's needs change every year….).

Coach Matt Sonnichsen

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