October 12, 2015

"It's not football coach, what do I do?"

Coach I have a daughter that, if God willing, will be a two time National Junior College All American. She is about five nine and a half and wants to play DI. 

How can I help her get there? 

Thank you for your help coach


Take a moment and on the collegevolleyballcoach.com website, look for the Recruiting Plan label.  Read the Senior Year plan, as it is the same for JC players.  

The reality is that there are more talented players, than there are DI scholarships/roster openings.  The key is outreach and matching talent to team level.  

As a 5'9" OH, her height will most likely keep her out of the top 75 DI programs (broad statement); the higher she jumps, the more she can offset not being 6'+.

She needs to start marketing herself to the appropriate DI programs, by reaching out with an email and including video.  She needs to help college coaches "find her" and understand that she is competing against every HS senior and JC/4 Year transfer.

Time is of the essence; right now DI's are evaluating their roster and trying to determine who to keep and who to cut.  The majority of DI's have already filled those graduating seniors on their teams, but they know cuts/quits will happen at the end of the DI season.  She can't wait until December to outreach, she needs to start now.

Also, DI is the name brand but comes with pitfalls - If she doesn't produce, then she can get cut also.  She should also look DII's because she can package her scholarship (which offers protection) and she would be in a better position to actually play.

Again, search the Recruiting Plan label on the website!


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