March 14, 2018

Early College Volleyball Scholarship Offer


I enjoy your insight and realistic approach to those pursuing their dreams of playing volleyball at the Collegiate level. Our daughter, 16, is a Sophomore Libero in HS and has just been presented with a formal verbal offer with a partial scholarship to play D2 for a school that is one of her top 4 choices. 

She is very happy (as are we), for this opportunity-but we are unsure what to do next. She wants to see how the rest of this season and camps that she will be attending this summer go before she does anything more definitive with this offer. We know that until you sign a NLI, that nothing is final.   She would like to be in a position to sign an NLI before the end of this year so that he College plans are known.

I am a fan of taking a good opportunity and running with it, but we need some advice as to how to proceed.



Thank you for your email and my apologies for the later reply.

First of all, congratulations on your daughter receiving a scholarship offer as a sophomore and as a Libero.  By the backstory which you have provided about your daughter, you have answered the question about how to proceed. 

It does not seem like she is mentally ready to commit to the scholarship offer, even though it is one of her top 4 choices.  I do think it is wise that she plays through the rest of the season and attends summer camps.  

If you have read through, you will remember that I say that Liberos are Last in the recruiting process.  While being that last player offered/selected during the recruiting process can be frustrating for Libero families, it can be a blessing in disguise when considering all the turnover in the coaching ranks today.

I also bring this timetable to your attention because if your daughter is receiving athletic scholarship offers as a sophomore, she still has 2 years on the recruiting clock to improve her skill sets and to also potential improve the scholarship garnered.

But, back to your question - My advice is to follow the path laid out by your daughter; keep playing volleyball and keep working the recruiting process.

March 1, 2018

Too late to play college volleyball?

I am in my Spring semester of my Freshman year of college. 

After visiting my best friend who plays D3 volleyball up north this past weekend, I wish I decided to play in college as well. I had some schools that were interested in me but I just always wanted to go to he big school and focus on my academics. 

However, at this point I want to play college volleyball. For the past 13 years of my life I have always been playing it and I miss it so deeply even if I play inter murals 3 times a week, it just isn’t the same. 

So my question is just if it is too late if I wanted to play D3 college volleyball? 


Not at all; you have used one year of college, but you can retroactively redshirt this year, so you may not have used one year of eligibility.

The solution is simple; 1) make a video from your current college recreation play, 2) reach out via email to the D3 schools you are interested in, with your VB experience, current academic standings and your video. That is all there is to it.

If a college program thinks you can make them better, then they will respond.  If not, they won't.

But, college programs can only know about you and your desire to play, if you send them an email with your volleyball video!

Good luck!