Each spring and summer, I conduct a number of volleyball camps for high school and junior high programs at their schools.  I am proud to say that some of my high school camps have been bringing me to their school for over 10 years, and I have helped them develop into State Champions and State Tournament contenders!


  • Camps are either 1 or 2 day format.
  • 2.5 hours of instruction the morning and 2.5 hours of instruction in the afternoon.
  • The itinerary for the camp is developed after speaking with the school coach to determine exactly what the program/players need to get better.
  • The camp is at your school; better for the players and less expensive.
  • I currently travel nationally for camps. Camp cost is dependent upon location and number of campers.

If you feel your daughter's school might benefit from one of my Volleyball Road Camps, please have your school's coach contact me at

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