August 18, 2014

Never too late for College Volleyball Recruiting


I'm a junior volleyball player that didn't even hear about the recruiting process until I was already mid-way through my sophomore year- apparently no one thought to tell me that I needed to start talking to coaches, and I certainly didn't figure it out by myself. Anyways, I have since tried to catch up in terms of recruiting, but I am well aware that most girls my age are already recruited and most spots are being filled. So, what are the major things I need to do now? (What are the most vital things I can do to get the most coaches to hear about me?)

Academically, I have a 4.0 and scored a 31 on the ACT, but haven't taken the SAT since 7th grade. I also play basketball and track, and used to play softball, so I am a multi-sport athlete. I am also applying for NHS, so I volunteer and such. I don't know how much this will improve coaches' view of me.

Thank you!


The biggest thing to remember is that you are not too late; especially as a Junior.  Today's college volleyball recruiting world is fluid; things are always changing.  From elite DI to a JC you have never heard of, opportunities are constantly opening and closing.  Too many VolleyFamilies 'hear' that all DI's are done recruiting by the Junior year; many are, but many more are not.  In addition, this is the time of the year where a college program has to re-start the recruiting process because of injuries or players quitting/getting cut!

The most vital thing you can do, is get your name/contact/video out to the appropriate level collegiate programs.  This 'appropriate' level is determined by your physical stature, volleyball ability, academic interests and geographic comfort zone.  For example, if you are a 5'8" outside hitter, you won't be playing in the PAC 12, so don't contact them.  Or, if you want to stay within a day's drive of home, don't write schools on the other side of the country.

With your outstanding academic accomplishments (without knowing anything else about your physical stature or skill sets), NCAA Division II and NAIA will allow you to 'package' your academics with athletic scholarships to generate good financial support.  Also, promote yourself to NCAA Division III, especially if you have a good grasp of what you are looking to major in while in college - NCAA Division III does not award athletic scholarships, but instead, is focused on the academic end and studies are a priority on DIII campuses.

Understand that because of the fluid nature of college volleyball and recruiting, combined with the thousands of talented high school players, that families/recruits cannot stand back and wait to be found; they have to stand up and shout, "RECRUIT ME!".  

I will close by saying, that you should really get on the NCSA Athletic Recruiting Free Site to maximize the wonderful educational material.  If you feel you could use a bit of extra help or support, to get your name/profile in front of collegiate coaches, then take a look at using their Paid service because it is outstanding!

Good luck and go get it!

Coach Sonnichsen

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