August 14, 2014

Late Start on College Volleyball Recruiting

Dear Coach Matt Sonnichsen,

I am currently a junior in High School at a Chicago Public school. I began playing volleyball in 5th grade.I have played Varsity volleyball at my school since my Sophomore year, I have played Libero since then. 

I have been looking into how to play college volleyball a lot lately . Although I have not been really happy with what I have found out. To start off I am 5'0. My freshman year and sophomore year I did not play club or even prior to that either. I plan on playing club this year. 

My question is if I will ever be able to play at a D3 level regarding my height and lack of club experience to date?

Thank you!

With the Libero position, the majority of college volleyball coaches are indifferent about height but all of them are focused on ability.  If you can pass, play defense, work hard and have a positive attitude, then you will have collegiate opportunities.

Please remember that D3 is the 'academic' category of the NCAA, with athletic scholarships not allowed - They do award academic, merit and need based scholarships.  I would suggest that you open yourself up to NCAA D2 and the NAIA organization which allows athletes to combine academic, athletic, merit and need based scholarships.

As a Libero, I would not stress about not having played club volleyball up to this point - With you entering the 17's year of club volleyball, you have two full years to develop your skill sets and promote/market yourself to college volleyball programs.  The majority of Liberos/DS tend to make their collegiate selection as late Juniors and/or Seniors.

What every recruit must remember, no matter their age in school or what category and/or division of college volleyball they are trying to achieve, is that today's recruiting environment is fluid - Change is the new normal.  Coaching changing jobs, players getting injured and placed on medical scholarships, players quitting, coaches cutting players when taking a new job, coaches cutting players who have a bad attitude or just did not progress as anticipated.  All of this fluidity in college volleyball (and collegiate athletics) leads to opportunities becoming available all the time.

Focus on improving your skill sets, focus on reaching out to colleges and managing the process - I strongly suggest you take a look at NCSA Athletic Recruiting and definitely take advantage of their Free Site!

Good luck!

Coach Sonnichsen

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