August 21, 2014

College Volleyball Skill Sets

My daughter is starting her 10th grade season and her third year of playing libero/ds.  Before that she played a setter in a 6-2 rotation.  She is interested in playing in college, probably no higher that Div II.  She has taken a lot of lessons, gone to camps, etc to become a better defensive player.  She is very aggressive, vocal and has been told she is a good leader.  However, she was told recently by a coach that if she couldn't hit she was never going to go anywhere.

So my question to you is, when a college coach is looking for a libero/ds do you
think their hitting skills will matter?

Thank you,


It is comments such as this by volleyball coaches, for which I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

College volleyball has become skill specialized, so for a coach to say that a Libero/DS must hit, boggles my Tachikara .  

To answer your question....No.

Libero/DS's need to pass, play defense and serve, not hit. This is like saying that Middle Blockers need to be able to pass, that setters need to be able to attack.....

Maybe this coach is an old school coach, which came up when volleyball was an all around game (which I greatly enjoyed playing and initially coaching in), but those days, like 2 dollar gas prices, are long, long gone. 

Tell your VolleyDaughter to forget what this coach said, and just focus on making herself the best possible passer and defender!

Coach Sonnichsen

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