August 6, 2012

VolleyParent Feedback - Read This!!!

A longtime VolleyFamily is getting ready for the transition to collegiate volleyball and provided great feedback for new VolleyFamilies!!!  Read this, print this and put it in your volleyball bag.


It feels like yesterday when I was emailing you a list of vb questions regarding my 8th grade DD. And, today, four and half short years later; she's packing and getting ready to head off to play college volleyball on a full ride scholarship. Whoo hoo!!

After several email exchanges with you (before 9th grade and after her Sept 1st of her Junior year, of course), reading your brilliant book, and spending 109838 hours on the internet researching NCAA rules, RichKern, University Athlete etc. Here's my list of top 8 tips:

1. DO NOT ask DD one volleyball related question after practice/matches etc. DO tell her how much fun you had at the movies/restaurant/book store while she was at practice (she'll then tell you about the crazy moms/dads who stayed and watched the 3 hour practice). DO tell her how much FUN you had watching (remember, no vb questions) her play/cheer during the match (she'll then ask you about 102 questions regarding specific plays. Disclaimer: this may take up to 3 car rides, as she'll be wary of your tactics).

2. DO NOT bring DD's water bottle, uniforms, shoes etc. . If she's old enough to have a phone/tv/computer…she's old enough to pack for herself. If she forgets anything, she won't do it twice. ;)

3. If your daughter sulks, stands crossed armed while not on the court, rolls her eyes, or anything else considered to be "snotty Suzy" type of behavior……FILM HER. You will only need to do this once, if ever.

4. DO be a good parent by letting the coach….Coach. Even if you played DI volleyball……techniques are different today. And, if you didn't play….try it! You'll be amazed at the difficulty and will most likely never give advise again. And, she'll laugh hysterically.

5. DO NOT attend every match/tournament……enjoy an occasional weekend off. It is good for YOU and your DD.  IF you can't tear yourself away from the gym (don't tell her your coming) and you'll never forget the joy when she discovers you in the stands.

6. DO HAVE FUN, make friends…and enjoy every moment (good and bad) the time literally flies by.

7. DO invest in good chairs (both for stadium and floor seating) your back will thank you for years to come!

8. DO invest in NCSA!!  DO NOT mistake brochures/letters/postcards as a form of 'recruitment'. Trust me, you'll know if your DD is being recruited or not. If you're questioning it, it's most likely mass marketing.

In closing, thanks for all your calming advise over the years and for teaching me how to enjoy the process. It really is fun!

A Fan


  1. This advice is great! I wish that more parents would share their insights on how they handle volleyball madness. Thanks so much for sharing and best of luck to your daughter's volleyball career. Please follow up in 4 years after you go through the college volleyball experience with more tips!
    - Virginia Mom

  2. This is excellent advice. Newbies pay attention because I had to learn this by trial and error!


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