August 7, 2012

2012 London Olympic Volleyball Observations

I am at the once every four years volleyball media buffet and trying to gorge myself; "tastes so good when it hits your lips" and then it is the 3 year diet of an occasional match on television.  Yes, VolleyFamilies, Olympic Volleyball is in full swing!!!

1.  The Women's Indoor game is becoming the Men's Indoor game.  I have always been critical of USA Volleyball, and I wish to say, congrats to USA Volleyball for hiring a men's coach to coach the women's team. The back row attack, the emphasis on the block, the power of the jump serve, all announce the arrival of men's techniques into the women's game.

2.  The USA Women's Indoor Olympic pool is tough; China, Brazil, Serbia, South Korea and Serbia.  Maybe better to play all the tough teams in your pool to get a feel, as long as you make it out of the pool?  Pool A has the powers of Dominican Republic, Algeria and Great Britain (being facetious here VolleyFolks!).  Russia is the one team in Women's Pool A which would cause me concern because they are all about 8 feet tall!

3. The USA Women's beach teams each look like they are on sugar, while the USA Men's teams look like they need a nap after Thanksgiving dinner.  It is like fast forward versus slow motion; the Women are sprinting on and off the court, while the Men just take their time in between points.

4.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the media's attention to the women's beach teams not being in bikinis to play matches.  In the newspapers and on television, the bikini or lack of a bikini is getting a bunch of attention.  The media obviously has not been on a southern california beach in may.

5.  The USA Men's gymnastic athletes looks like one giant muscle; I swear they are as wide as they are tall.

6.  It has been nice to just watch the Olympic sporting events on television, rather than the human interest stories which were shown way too much. 

7.  I feel bad for Softball not being an Olympic sport anymore, when I see some of the sports which are.  Dressage?  Kayaking?  Sailing?

8.  The Wimbledon tennis stadium is almost unrecognizable wrapped in pink sheeting.  I would have preferred the traditional green with the Olympic rings everywhere.......The Olympic hosts need to consult me for any visuals from now on.  Rio, hello....I am here for you!

9.  I hope that Destiny Hooker is not currently under a contract with a professional team because each match she plays her value increases.  If her agent is worth a bag of chips, then he/she should be faxing in a new contract every day to her club!

10.  If any setters are concerned about their height, look at the Japanese Women's setter. I seriously think she could walk under the net.  But, she is really a good setter, the ability to set great negates the ability to not block great!

11.  I don't understand fencing, other than i would not want to be out there no matter how much padding I had on!


  1. USA Vb should attract fans by marketing destinee hooker as the female version of Michael Jordan. I wonder how her college jump records compare to those being registered at the olympics?

  2. Take heart, I saw a frosted flakes commercial featuring girls vb.


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