August 2, 2012

College Volleyball Recruiting Challenges


Firstly, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my question. Your blog has been very helpful during my volleyball process.

I played volleyball as a freshman and sophomore at a great high school. I was a really good player, but under the advice of my coach, I did not begin the recruitment process, as she thought it was too early. My family couldn't afford the price of club volleyball in the area, even with partial scholarship help. Due to unforeseen family issues, I had to move during my junior year and was home schooled, and thus unable to play. Now I'm a rising senior and the only school that will allow me (as a home schooler) to play is a terrible private school team with an inexperienced coach, they haven't had a win for the last three seasons. I would love to play volleyball in college, at Division II or III, and I have the skills. I will probably go to college on an academic scholarship, and I understand that the chances of getting recruited now are slim to none. I'm  graduating with my AA degree, so going to community college isn't an option. I don't necessarily need an athletic scholarship, but how can I still play in college? Is there any chance at all? Is walking on possible under my circumstances?

I know this all probably sounds very pathetic, but I love volleyball and feel like I've just had a pretty bad record with luck and circumstance. No one can answer my questions, and I would very much appreciate you giving me any help in the slightest. (Even if it is just to tell me that there really is no chance)

Thank you for your time. C.P.

Sometimes our volleyball lives can be a challenge! But, not all is lost and I am here for you with my suggestions:

1.  Play for the bad home school team because you need to be touching a volleyball; every touch can make you better even if it is not in the perfect situation.

2.  Try to find a club team which works for your finances; I know these are crazy times in the economy but there are a number of 'regional' teams which just practice a couple times a week and only play 'drive-able' one day tourneys.  Again, you need the touches, as it will only make your better.  

3.  Video will be your best way to reach out to colleges; that is why you need the touches on the ball, so your video looks as good as possible and as current as possible.

4.  You can still go to a JC - Per NCAA rules, you obtained your AA credits/degree while still in high school.  There is nothing to say that you can't get two AA degrees - Explore this opportunity, as JC's are a great option when you have challenges.

5.  The two best opportunities for you, outside of JC, will be NCAA Division II or NAIA.  Both of these levels have a wide range of abilities, and they allow for packaging of scholarships.  Remember that scholarships are athletic, academic, merit and need based.  DII's and NAIA are very good at packaging all support options to give you the most support.  

6.  College coaches are not going to find you.  You need to find them, so they know you are a possibility.  Focus your outreach efforts into JC/DII/NAIA and use video as your main weapon.

7.  The chances are not 'slim' - they are good.  The levels you are targeting will be recruiting into the spring of your senior year; they are far from done.  

You can make it happen if you are willing to work hard to make it happen.  There is so much talent in today's volleyball world, that the players who get the collegiate scholarship and roster spot are not necessarily the ones with the most talent, but rather the one with the most effort put into the recruiting process!

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