February 3, 2012

Webinar Q - Webinar Reminder - College VB Commitment

On Wednesday, I hosted a College Transfer webinar, and needed to follow up to a question from a participant - The Question was if a non-released SA could still practice with the new school, even though she could not play or receive a scholarship.  I have gone through the NCAA Transfer guides, and there is no mention of not being able to practice while satisfying the Year in Residence required during a non-released transfer situation.  The only limitations were not receiving a scholarship, not playing and not receiving travel money (i.e. to travel to away matches).


REMINDER - No Senior Left Behind live webinar, Monday, Feb 6th at 7 p. pacific/9 p. central.  This webinar focuses on empowering Seniors to find that collegiate spot!

Very simple to join in, 1) Click url link below,

2) Click 'Guest', (please check to make sure you are using the latest Adobe Flash software, as VolleyFolks had issues joining our last webinar via the Firefox browser.  Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari are connecting well)

3) Type your Name,

4)  Click 'Enter Room'

You will then be taken to a screen which will have slide show on the big box, a chat room on the lower right box and a webcam screen upper right (which I will turn on at 9 p.m)  Please remember to enable and turn up your volume!


Coach if schools cannot communicate with PSA's until july of their jr year how  are some of them being able to draw verbal commitments from recruits before that? S.B.

Because they cheat!!! Kidding....kinda.

Before a PSA's Junior year (before emails are allowed), the college coach will tell the club coach to have the PSA email or call them.  Then, the college coach will 'mistakenly' email the sophomore PSA.  Or will, 'accidentally' call a sophomore PSA back who left a message.

When PSA's are Juniors (and now more often, as Sophomores), the college coach makes it very clear to the club coach that if a certain PSA has an interest in their school they need to call them, or they do it via email to arrange a call (and the old, 'oops, I was just returning a call' routine).

With both of these situations (athletes calling the college coach), the coaches are then cleared to recruit at will over the phone and also to make arrangements for an unofficial visit.  Unofficial visits are now the vehicle to recruit in person and this is where the offer of a scholarship occurs, and the VolleyFamily can just call the coach back at any time to commit.

The clubs are the vehicle now to put the families in touch with the college coaches via the phone, and then via unofficial visits.


And because two is better than one!

Is there an optimal age or an age limit for a psa to register at the ncaa clearinghouse? Thanks again. Love the blog. Kinda prefer the older format better though.  SB

Which format did you prefer?  Originally, it was left side info boxes, and text big on right.  Then I revamped to info boxes left and right with text in middle, but I thought that was too busy.  My third try is info boxes right, with text left but not as big as original.

NCAA Eligibility Center (E.C.) is now the term du jour for the certification of PSA's by the NCAA.  There is two parts to the EC - Academic eligibility and amateurism certification.  All NCAA athletes must be certified as Eligible before than can begin NCAA practice and if on a scholarship, have that scholarship applied.  You hear about instances where athletes in the Fall (most common) are held out of practice because they are taking care of some issues with the EC; these athletes have to pay their own way during the time of which their issues are being resolved.

I feel it is best to register in the Fall of your Junior year.  At this point, the PSA would just pay the fee (I think $75.00), put in all their basic information, along with submitting a current transcript.  As ACT/SAT tests are taken, these scores should be reported to the EC, along with completing the 20 question Amateurism Questionnaire.  Before an athlete can be certified as academically eligible, they must submit Final High School Transcripts which demonstrate the PSA has completed the mandated number of Core Courses, and has the corresponding ACT/SAT test scores (in DI, Academic Eligibility is determined by the relationship between Test Scores and GPA.  In DII, there is a base of 820 SAT, and a 2.5 gpa for Eligibility).

The latest an athlete could register with the EC and hope to become certified in time, would be approximately 60 days before the start of fall practice or the fall academic year (if not playing a fall sport).  This is because the EC get slammed with applications, and football takes priority in the process.  So, this would mean early June at the latest.


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  1. About practicing and not competing, at the D3 level, if you practice after the first date of competition of the regular season you do use one of your four seasons of eligiblility.


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