February 5, 2012

NCAA Recruiting and Academics Update

NCAA ARTICLES-Courtesy of NCSA Athletic Recruiting
NCAA Rule updates which can/will affect VolleyFamilies, no matter the division you may be exploring.

Text messaging adopted in Division III:

“Effective immediately, text messaging will be regulated according to the same standard as telephone, email and fax correspondence in the recruiting process.”
“What won’t be deregulated also is newsworthy. The proposal adopted (No. 8, sponsored by the Division III Management Council) does not include social media. A proposal that would have allowed social media to be included in the deregulations (Proposal No. 7) was withdrawn on the Convention floor.”
DI Board reaffirms expense allowance, multi-year scholarships:

The Division I Board of Directors reaffirmed Saturday its support for a $2,000 miscellaneous expense allowance, but directed the Student-Athlete Well-Being working group to come back to the presidents in April with recommendations for implementation.”

Opinions vary on academic reporting in DIII:
“Hundreds of Division III representatives talked about what to do with an academic reporting pilot that so far has validated what previously had been assumed – that student-athletes graduate at rates 
comparable with or better than students in general.”
Division III discusses potential benefit of recruiting calendar:
“The panelists, along with others in the audience, wondered if the lack of a recruiting calendar was a bane to coaches working at the Division III level. Many believe their coaches become “burned out” since their work/life balance can become extreme.”

DII begins academic review:
“Over the next two years, the Academic Requirements Committee will lead a comprehensive assessment of initial-eligibility, two-year transfer and progress-toward-degree requirements.  The review is timely because of the availability of Academic Performance Census, which provides sufficient data on the academic performance of Division II student-athletes. The review also will ensure that academic requirements align with the Division II philosophy and prepare student-athletes to attain a college degree.”


REMINDER - No Senior Left Behind live webinar, Monday, Feb 6th at 7 p. pacific/9 p. central.  This webinar focuses on empowering Seniors to find that collegiate spot!

Very simple to join in, 1) Click url link below,

2) Click 'Guest', (please check to make sure you are using the latest Adobe Flash software, as VolleyFolks had issues joining our last webinar via the Firefox browser.  Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari are connecting well)

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You will then be taken to a screen which will have slide show on the big box, a chat room on the lower right box and a webcam screen upper right (which I will turn on at 9 p.m)  Please remember to enable and turn up your volume!

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