February 1, 2012

6 on 6 with Penn State Head Coach Russ Rose

On a previous post, I wrote that Russ Rose and Penn State have done more to develop Women's Volleyball's popularity and growth than any other group and I absolutely believe what I wrote.  

4 NCAA Championships in a row?  109 match win streak? Providing an example of achievement and class for an entire generation of youth Volleyball players to emulate, especially those young players who can better identify with Penn State than a west coach school.

6 on 6 with Penn State's Head Volleyball Coach Russ Rose

1.  What drew you into the profession of college volleyball coaching?

I went to college to become a physical education teacher and basketball coach and attended a school named George Williams College that had a professor/coach named Jim Coleman.  Jim was a former National team coach and was one of the leaders in volleyball and coach education and I fell into the sport.  I never looked back and feel blessed to have had the time with Jim and Terry Liskevych and Jerry Angle who were there at that time.

2.  If you could change one thing about the sport of college volleyball, what would that be?

I feel the club model that we have in the sport has made it tough for young athletes who don’t have the resources the opportunity to participate.

3.  Who is the most famous person you have met and where was it?

Met Ali in an airport, Bob Knight at PS,  Karch Kiraly- tough to determine who is really famous

4.  Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Any golf course where cigars are welcome and the sun is shining-I’m easy.  Italy is also very appealing

5.  What is the least enjoyable part of your job?

Recruiting and the importance of it and seeing what some people will do or say to get a player.  Trying not to follow their lead is the challenge.

6.  Sideout scoring or Rally scoring?

Sideout and every now and then I’ll have our team practice that way-it doesn’t transfer very well but it reminds me of the game that I really embraced.

Just wanted to take a moment and thank all the VolleyFamilies which joined last night's live webinar on College Volleyball Transfers.  Had some great questions and helps some folks manage the emotional craziness of collegiate transfer possibilities.

REMINDER - No Senior Left Behind live webinar, Monday, Feb 6th at 7 p. pacific/9 p. central.  This webinar focuses on empowering Seniors to find that collegiate spot!

Very simple to join in, 1) Click url link below,

2) Click 'Guest', (please check to make sure you are using the latest Adobe Flash software, as VolleyFolks had issues joining our last webinar via the Firefox browser.  Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari are connecting well)

3) Type your Name,

4)  Click 'Enter Room'

You will then be taken to a screen which will have slide show on the big box, a chat room on the lower right box and a webcam screen upper right (which I will turn on at 9 p.m)  Please remember to enable and turn up your volume!

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