July 19, 2011

Summer Volleyball Camps and Teams

Good morning Coach:

We are looking at doing some traveling this summer and wondered if should we go to A3 USA Vball camp or use the time to hit college camps instead?  Daughter will be a freshman next year. Looks like the USA Vball camp has club coaches for the most part with maybe one college coach and she already has an excellent club coach.
Follow up question. If you as a college coach are looking at the PSA profile, how important is a kids playing USA Vball to you?  
Thanks for your response in advance!
Camp Bound
Quick reply as I am traveling.  As for camps, I suggest College Volleyball camps because of the diversity of training (USAV camps tend to be more uniform in training) along with being able to experience college campuses and possibly interact with college players.

For recruiting, playing club volleyball (usav) is very important because it is the next level of training and competition - your PSA not playing would be a big negative.
Thanks Coach..I should have been more specific, I was talking about USAV High Performance. She plays club and school ball but I was struggling whether to go to the High Performance A3 camp because it looked like the coaches were all club coaches or take her to some college camps of colleges that she is interested in. I think you answered that question with your first comment. She has done HP for 2 years and she is now an A2 ALT (which means A3 unless someone does not want their A2 spot :) and every summer we will be faced with the same decision, college camps or High Performance Camp? 
As she gets into High School, it seems to me her summers should be spent going to college camps.

The recruiting question was more as a college coach how much do you care if they are a part of High Performance or not?

Thanks and safe travels.
As a college coach, I don't care if a recruit is on a USAV High Performance team because I don't know just how much 'more' they are getting since these teams/camps many times are run by club coaches.  If they are run by college coaches, I can get even more scared because there are some nutso (this is a technical term) coaches with training styles I absolutely do not agree with!
Also, I like to have PSA's get time off to rest and recover after a long club season and before high school starts. New players arriving to college practice burnt out and managing injuries is a very real concern for college coaches, and I would believe a few high school coaches.
Finally, many of us college coaches feel the 500 summer USAV teams are nothing more than money makers for USA Volleyball.

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