July 21, 2011

NCAA Division II Volleyball Recruiting Question

Wow! What an awesome website coach!! 

My daughter is being recruited by a Division II school and we have went on an un-official visit already. This coach has been to 4 of her JO tournaments and she has attended a camp at his institution. We have been in contact via e-mails and when we took the visit, as well as at the camp. 

He has said several times that he hopes she will consider his school when the early signing period in November starts and he intends to send her an NLI. My question is this….When should he tell her what amount of the scholarship he intends on offering? 

This is a very small school, which we love, and my daughter really likes this coach! We, or I am kind of worried that we shouldn't ask such a question. Thanks in advance for your help!!
Best Regards, SW

Glad you like the site.  NCAA Division II Volleyball is an Equivalency Sport (potentially 8 Full Athletic Scholarships which can be divided any number of ways), which boils down to college coaches trying to get players for the least amount of money possible, while players are trying to obtain the most amount of money possible. 

It is obvious that the college program has a sincere interest in your PSA, but business is business.  If the coach has not provided a dollar amount, then you need to send him an email asking what the institutional financial scholarship package will be.  

Remember that DII Women's Volleyball allows for combining of scholarships from different sources; athletic, academic, merit, need, etc.  It may be that the coach is not exactly sure how much, as he may be waiting on SAT/ACT test scores, an improving high school gpa, does your PSA qualify for a Pell, etc.  But, even if the coach cannot give you an exact amount, he should be able to provide a ball park amount with parameters.

Simply send him an email, expressing how you and your daughter appreciate the academic and athletic merits of the school and as the coach has indicated he is interested in sending an NLI, can he provide the parameters of the scholarship offer?  Schools don't provide NLI's to straight walk on players. The NLI is the legal document which binds the player and school together, based on very specific terms - Player graduates and is cleared by the NCAA, school provides the following scholarship amounts.

Absolutely don't be shy when it comes to scholarship questions...it is not the money of the coach, it is budget money which the school provides and does not mess with.  Yearly operating budgets can be flux (equipment, travel, computers, etc.), but scholarship money is very stable.

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