April 17, 2010

Men's Volleyball Measurements?


My son is a junior. His high school coach just pulled up some stats for him on approach, block, reach and pro-agility. How can I find out what are 'good' numbers?

Thanks, Sue

That is a good question for which I really don't know if I can provide an accurate answer. I am rather well versed on the women's physical stats, but I really could not tell you averages for what the men are physically able to do.

When I look at the men's volleyball game, I am amazed by how high everyone jumps - Even the Liberos seem to jump over the moon. But, that is relative to the women's game and what I may be seeing in a men's college match could well be two not very physical teams going at it.

My suggestion is to drop an e-mail to the assistants in the Top 10 Men's VB programs and just ask what numbers they are looking for in the recruiting process. You should have a few respond, if not all of them. To find the top programs, the ncaa.org site should have a link to men's volleyball with current rankings - then just go to that school's website, find the link for Staff Directory and they usually have an e-mail link to each coach on this page.

Go right to the source to get the answer!

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