April 15, 2010

Recruiting Videos Question

Thank you so much for your Blog! As a parent that is new to all this I find it very enlightening.

I have a 17 Yr old Daughter who is on a team going to Nationals! We are very excited. However, I have a few colleges that are asking where they can find her "video online". Is Youtube the best place to put these online? Or is there another sight that I am unaware of? And is this how most coaches want these now? or is the DVD sent to them the best option?

Of course we want to do what the Coach ultimately wants, but I want to make sure we know all the options they are interested in.

Thank you, LT


I rather think youtube.com is the easiest avenue to get video out to coaches being as uneducated in the whole computer/video/link world as I am. One of the things I struggle with is if a video file or DVD is sent to me in a format which my computer programing may not cover. Usually if the footage is via a link to another company or Internet server, it works fine but I am not familiar enough with all the available options for parents.

What I have come to like about youtube is just clicking on the link and watching the video play. Of course this a much to 'distract' a coach on the page, with other video options and advertisements, but it is a idiot proof way to get us to watch a player (believe me, this time of the year, idiot proof is the way to go with college coaches).

Remember, video footage is just to get the college coaches to come watch in person. The video will not secure a scholarship/spot, but will allow enough evaluation material to entice a coach to come see in person or ask for more specific video footage. Don't worry about putting together the perfect tape, just get something together that lasts @ 8 minutes with skills and a bit of game footage.

Be precise about what you put on the video - If you are showcasing a setter, don't bother filming serve receive. Don't have a Middle hit outside; college volleyball is skill specific, show the specific skills for the position. Lastly, one of my pet peeves of videos, don't waste time showing serving. This is something college coaches take for granted of their recruits, the ability to serve the ball over the net!!!

Good Luck!

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