April 19, 2010

List of Recruit Commitments

Hey Coach!

I hope all is well with you. As you already know, I always enjoy going to your website to gather your wonderful insights on the game we love so much. Thanks again!

Just curious...do you know of any website that shows where the recruits are verbally committing to? Our daughter is in the class of 2011 so, of course, that year is what I am most interested in.


Well Mark, things are going OK with me. This is the crazy time of year having to balance team training, lifting, spring season tournaments, mid term exams, adjusting training and travel to spring break, trying to get our 2011 class secured while making final evaluations and offers, hosting unofficial visits, monitoring the athletic and academic progress of our 2010 class, paperwork, paperwork and some more paperwork. I have been trying to knock out some small projects inside the house, that I turned a blind eye towards during the winter months. Nice that spring is here and things are greening up. I am contemplating how aggressive I want to be with the whole HGTV experience with my outside areas. HGTV makes it look way too easy, much like those cooking shows where the dish comes out delish in 30 minutes, when 30 minutes later I would still be looking for the ingredients. Soon the NCAA Quiet Period will be here and a great excuse not to travel and stay home, then the best of all worlds come together in the spring; Recruiting Quiet Period and Spring classes are entering Finals. That is like the warm evening, when the sun is setting and the air is still - Just a mellow, relaxed time.

Well, enough of my life and onto your question - I really can't say if there is a specific site. I know the volleytalk board comments on the verbal commitments and most of the time, they can be correct. I would think now is the time the topic would be updated quite often.

If I had to guess one web place, it would be Rich Kern's site (richkern.com) - That guy is like a volleyball encyclopedia; quite amazing actually. He may have a web page of the verbal commitments. His is paid service, but for what little he charges, I think it is a great investment for VB knowledge.

Hope that helps and good luck in your efforts.

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