April 22, 2010

The Attack Swing

I see two very different types of swings out there in hs/club land. One a long, slow-er, full wind up---windmill type of swing and the other a very fast quick whip type swing. Is one designed for a specific position, or just different coaching styles or genetics? It seems (from the bench) the “whip” is tougher to block. Assuming both have “proper” form (elbow up etc) Is one more prone to injury? Stacy

Whip is the way to go because of the difficulty to read by the block and defense, plus I rather feel (w/no empirical data to support this) that it is easier on the shoulder. Most players who have the longer swing, might be successful because that swing can generate a lot of 'heavy' power behind the ball. But the slower loading swing tends to be easier to read by the block/defense.

For me, the whip swing is what I want to recruit and the slow, wind up swing I don't want to recruit. Just my preference.

As for injury, as I stated above, I think the whip is easier on the shoulder, but that is just my feeling. More than the swing, I would look at contact point in (in front, above or behind the head), where the attack hand thumb is just after contact (thumb down means hitting away from the torso and places huge strain on the shoulder) and approach (straight up and down approach jump makes the shoulder joint work harder to create power; broad jumping transfers approach speed into attack power).

One of the easiest ways to work on a creating a good swing or rehab'ing a painful/hurt shoulder is to play catch with a Nerf Football. The ball is easy to grip, the thumb has to stay up to throw the ball and it naturally creates a bit of a whip when throwing.


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