September 10, 2020

The Recruiting Secret

The hiding in plain sight of college volleyball recruiting is this -

If a coach believes a player will make their team better, then they will recruit that player – If they don’t, then they won’t.  This is and always will be the bottom line of all college coaches’ recruiting efforts; improve the talent on the team.


Coaches, those that keep a job as a college volleyball coach for any length of time, are focused on making their team better through recruiting.  Volleyball abilities are the mandated, non-negotiable litmus test of being recruited.  College coaches understand that talent is refined, not created, especially in today’s world of club volleyball where athletes can receive good skill set development and thousands of touches year round.


If a college coach feels you can make their team better, then they will add you to their recruiting database.  After you pass the “pass/fail” skills evaluation, college coaches spend the rest of their recruiting efforts comparing your skill sets against another recruit’s skill sets, in addition to evaluating all your other characteristics which have nothing to do with your physical abilities.


College coaches rank their recruits (and ranking is the order in which they offer a scholarship) based upon many factors; talent, attitude, academics, personality, effort, being a good teammate, competitiveness, etc.  The ranking of recruits will be constantly changing, depending upon what college coaches observe on video, and more importantly, when watching a player live.


Players and families must understand that no matter how positive, hard working, supportive and always mowing the lawn of Grandma and Grandpa, it will not influence a college coach’s initial evaluation of volleyball ability.    When a college coach does not respond to an email or video or watching you play, they have stated their evaluation of your skill sets. 


Your talent will determine your opportunity.

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