May 14, 2020

How to get recruited by The University of Hawaii

I know that you are a coach, and I just really really want to play at the University of Hawaii which is Division I.  

I have just been a setter for 6 months, I really believe in myself and I know that I have potential. But I don't know if I am going to be able to get all these awards that girls in my position at Hawaii have (with this Covid 19 and stuff). And also in Chile we don't have all these awards and stuff. 

So what would you recommend to me in order to fulfill my dream.

Thank you,

M from Chile

Your talent/skills/ability will determine if you have the opportunity to play volleyball at the University of Hawaii. Just like an athlete from the USA or Canada or Germany or Brazil - The US College Volleyball coaches focus only on ability of the player.  Don't focus on any awards you may have or may not have - Awards don't influence a college coach.  We make our recruiting decisions by what we see, not what we read. If college coaches think a player has the ability to improve their team, they will recruit that player.

Because Hawaii has very good local players (living in Hawaii) and is a popular volleyball team in the USA, being recruited to play at Hawaii is a challenge; they only recruit very, very good players at each position.

With the COVID 19 worldwide crisis, your recruiting focus should be on using video of volleyball trainings and tournaments from January/February to promote yourself to the University of Hawaii.  As every volleyball player in the USA is also experiencing your same COVID 19 volleyball shut down, the USA volleyball players must also use video to market themselves to colleges/universities which they are interested in attending.

What you did not mention in your email is your graduation year or what year in high school you are?  In addition, you did not mention your height?  These two details will determine the viability of playing volleyball at the University of Hawaii.  

NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball is height driven, especially at the popular DI schools.  The taller you are, the more recruiting attention you will receive.  In general, if you are a bit 'short' for a particular school, you can compensate by being very athletic, but this does not translate into an athletic 5'5" setter being able to play at Nebraska.

As with all high school age volleyball players who are trying to get recruited, you need to be sending emails with your video and personal/academic information to the University of Hawaii women's volleyball program (and 100 other schools which are of interest).  Everyone in the college volleyball recruiting world is operating via email and video today, and at least through the early part of the summer.

When volleyball is able to get back into the gym, you need to continue your skill development and training to become a better volleyball player.  As I noted at the top, your volleyball ability will determine your college volleyball opportunity.


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