May 18, 2020

Club Volleyball Now...

This past week saw the cancellation of the remaining re-scheduled USA Volleyball National Qualifier tournaments.  

At this moment, USA Volleyball and AAU are still scheduled to host their respective Championships but it is hard to see this happening as scheduled in later June in light of COVID 19's continual growth.

So, what is next for Volleyball?

- There is the possibility of a few summer camps, combines and tournaments in July but everything depends on the progress of COVID 19.

- College volleyball camps will be shut down, as no colleges are currently having group activities on their campuses.

- The offerings of camps will be limited to club and high school; and high school camps could be shut down because of school district/state education limitations.

- If the NCAA/NAIA/JC's will allow their coaches to recruit in July, recruiting combines in various areas might be possible.  

- The next best chance to get on the court will be High School Volleyball and that will depend on the Department of Education in each state.  If you have watched any COVDI 19 news, each state is determining their specific protocols.

- The most realistic chance to play volleyball again is probably the 2021 club volleyball season.  The belief being that the combination of medical treatments/medicine and a very early possible vaccine, along with some type of herd immunity being established with COVID 19.

So, what can you do?

Unfortunately, not much when it comes to volleyball.  Gyms are closed, events are cancelled and our sport is a group activity.  

As simple and frustrating as it sounds, the best thing to do is stay healthy; keep working out, keep eating healthy, rehabilitate bothersome injuries, try to control the stress and frustration of not being able to play the greatest sport ever invented.

Tomorrow will come and at some point that tomorrow will include playing volleyball again.

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