October 9, 2017

Volleyball Recruiting Success Story

This is not a question, but a Thank you!  I just wanted to take the time to thank you for continuing to provide this free service to volley families.  You have a wealth of knowledge that helped our family and my daughter’s recruiting process.  I also bought your book and read it from cover to cover; I recommend it to all families that ask me about recruiting.

Thanks to her hard work, our parental support, training from her coaches, and your website and book, my daughter is living her dream of playing Division I volleyball on scholarship!  Several times I talked to her about the demands of a DI volleyball commitment, but nevertheless she insisted that was her goal.  She is very busy and focused and loving every minute of it!

Lastly I want to say that your help was so valuable because my daughter is a short back row player who was very particular about where she wanted to go to school, so she took many risks by narrowing her choices. She followed your advice and I just followed her lead because she knew exactly what she wanted.  She did all the work in terms of editing her video and emailing coaches and was able to achieve her goal!

Again, Thank you!!

Grateful VB Parent

Thank you for the kind email - You are welcome and I am happy for your recruiting success!

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