October 2, 2017

College Volleyball Recruiting - Outside Hitter or Defensive Specialist?

Hello Coach! 

I wanted to ask a question regarding recruiting profiles and the position that the player lists.  My daughter is a 5'6" OH, six-rotation player.  She has a 9'2" approach jump and leads her team in digs, serve receive and is only two behind the top spot in kills. She makes very few attacking, dig or serve receive errors.  I'm wondering if I should list her as an outside hitter on her recruiting profile, since she plays that position or should I list her primary position as a DS and list the OH as a secondary, even though her primary is OH.

I want to improve her opportunity of being recruited.  I was not sure if it's better to list her as an athletic OH that can attack, play great defense, pass nails and can be converted to a DS or better just to list as DS?  

Thanks for your great book!  It's been a pleasure to read. 

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Thank You for the compliment on Inside College Volleyball.

In the promotion of your daughter to college coaches, she needs to decide what she wants in her college volleyball experience and gear your recruiting efforts towards her desires.

If she is solely focused on trying to play for a NCAA Division I program, then she would need to market herself as a DS/Libero.  If she likes to hit and be a six rotation OH, then she should look outside of DI for that opportunity.

Please note, that the Libero/DS position is arguably the most competition roster position in DI, and the majority of the players arrive to campus with zero athletic scholarship support. Conversely, a talented all around OH, even one that is shorter at 5'6", will have more overall roster and scholarship opportunities outside of the glitter of DI.

My quick answer, is list her as an athletic, talented, all around six rotation OH, and if a DI coach sees the opportunity to transition her into a DS/Libero, then they will make that known.


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