January 16, 2017

Take a Year Off from Club Volleyball?

I have a really quick question. What is your opinion regarding private lessons and several combines during the spring as opposed to playing club volleyball? 

 We live an hour in a half from the club venue and are considering a break from all the car travel and trading it for combine travel.  My daughter is 15.  She has been an outside hitter for 6 years but is transitioning to Libero. (will play Libero for her high school this next fall).

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Normally, it would be hard for me to validate substituting private lessons/combines for club volleyball just because of the sheer volume of touches and game experience which would be lost.

But, your daughter's position (Libero) is one which typically tends to engage actively in the recruiting process later than all the other positions. In light of your drive time to club practice, taking a year off this year as a 15 year old Libero, should not have a huge negative impact.

The combines will provide her recruiting exposure and feedback, while the private lessons will keep her moving towards skill set improvements.  I would augment the private lessons by just getting into the school gym with friends or family to play double or triples for fun.

But, as a sophomore, it would be important for her to get back into the club volleyball routine if she wants to accelerate her abilities and start get into a few college program's recruit databases.


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  1. Coach, despite the obvious good serve receive and defense, what does a college coach look for in a libero? If DS 1 and DS 2 are both good passers, who gets the libero position?

    My daughter is in 8th grade and will be trying out for perennially one of the top high school programs in the state (and even nation some years) this summer. Her goal is to make JV as a freshman though that is a super lofty goal - they are loaded with back row talent in the grade above her.

    Right now we are on a so-so club team but good coach, and are taking weekly libero lessons from a former libero at this high school. Working on all aspects of back row play.

    Any other suggestions to get her in a position to set herself apart ?


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