January 27, 2017

Jump Setting and College Volleyball Recruiting

Hi Coach,

I have a question about when D1 colleges need to see a setter jump set full time.  My daughter is 16 (a sophomore) 5'11" and feels she is not ready to jump set all the time.  I don't want her to "miss the window" when D1 schools are looking to recruit setters and may pass her over if they don't see her jump setting.  Do you have a suggested time line when she should be jump setting full time?

Thank You,

Thank you for your email and my apologies for the tardy reply. 

As a sophomore, your PSA should be jump setting a majority of the time.  If she is not jump setting, college coaches may not necessarily pass her over, but they may well rate her lower in their evaluations.

I would like to see 16's club setters jump setting full time.  The term "jump setting" is really not accurate; it is more "hop setting" - When setters are jumping and setting, they should not be taking a full or complete jump (like a hitter or blocker).  Rather, they should be taking a controlled, balance jump as to not impact their release and body balance.

The only time setters jump full, is when the pass is tight to the net and they are trying to save the ball.  All other setting opportunities should result in a small, controlled jump.  Like all things, it just takes practice to become comfortable with jump setting and she should be jump setting in practice.

Because of this small controlled jump, jump setting should be full time by the setter as a 16s club player!


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