August 4, 2016

Libero Passing Technique

Hello coach.  For years, my 13 year old has been taught to "get around the ball" to pass, rather than reaching left or right for it.
So today, she went to a high-powered libero training clinic where the teacher told her essentially the opposite.   It really blew her mind because the instructor just kept on her about it.

Is there an absolute correct way to receive a dig or serve, or is this a disputable matter?

She said that her passes were still on target.   I told her if that's the case, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Thoughts ?


The first priority is to make a good pass, the second priority to to make it consistently and this is where the discussion about technique comes in. 
To "get around the ball" can be a challenge, because of the un-predictability of the serve.
To "reach right or left" can be a challenge because of the geometry of passing. 
My belief is correct passing technique is a combination of footwork and platform.  In a perfect volleyworld, the passer wants to move his/her feet so the ball is centered into the stomach.  But, because of the geometry of volleyball, the platform must be angled to redirect the ball to the setting area (depending upon where the serve was received).
In general, I wanted my passes to move their feet to get behind the ball, and then keep their arms no wider than their hips to redirect the ball to the setter.  Depending on how tough the serve was and how much they were able to move their feet, this would impact how much right or left (from the centerline of the belly button) they moved their arms.
If your daughter was able to pass well with this newer technique taught at camp, then that is great news.  Player's ability to adjust to new techniques/new circumstances/new coaching will only make them better.
When in Rome, do as the Roman Liberos do...


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