May 4, 2015

Old School Fitness for Volleyball

Hi Coach,

I am a high school senior planning to walk on a D3 volleyball team next year. I have talked to the coach and have everything squared away, but I am struggling to find a good weight/cross training program to follow in addition to playing. Do you have any suggestions as to a program I could follow this spring and summer to help prepare me to play next year?



As simple as this sounds, be concerned about aerobic shape not anaerobic shape.  Focus on conditioning and not so much being 'strong'.  Going for a couple mile run a few times per week at a fast pace.  Doing sprints (in a gym, on grass, on a track, on the sand, etc), doing jump training (not crazy stuff, but simply jumping repetitively (in a gym, on grass, in sand, etc) and body weight strength training (push-ups, sit ups, squats, lunges, etc) is all you need.

With the rise of the fitness industry, we seem to have forgotten that simple is often times the best.  We get caught up in having the power routine, the cross fit, the max this or super explosive that, the speed camp, that just doing simple, time proven exercises to prepare for a season are forgotten.

Write down your own routine of running, sprints, and body weight exercises and then STICK TO IT and you will be physically ready. But, make sure you are also touching the ball as much as possible, because if you are in great shape but have no ball control, then all that physical training will be for naught.


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  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2015

    You might check with the school/program that you are wanting to walk on to. My daughter plays for a DIII program and they have program that they girls are given to use.


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