September 1, 2014

Volleyball Recruiting Unofficial Visit

Hi Coach,

We have a 6'3" sophomore MB daughter.  She has made a lot of progress so far--she wasn't even a regular starter on the Freshman team last year, has played one club season, and is a starter on Varsity this year.  

Still, we are starting to realize that she might not make a top D1 school.  We are trying to be realistic and set our sights on a smaller D1 or D2 school, still hoping for a full scholarship.  From what we have read, we should begin contacting schools at the beginning of her club season this year.  

We want to go ahead and visit a few schools that seem like a realistic possiblity for her.  They are all within a 3-hour or less drive.  We would like to go watch one of their home volleyball games.  So, the question is, should she go ahead and make contact with these few coaches and let them know she will be coming to watch a game?

Thanks so much for you generosity with your time and knowledge!


At this point in the recruiting process, I don't know if I would contact the schools before you visit.  I think it is better in fall of the sophomore year, if you are going to be making visits that are drivable, to just do it anonymously.  

Take a campus tour with admissions, duck into the athletics building to look around and then watch the match.  It is better to see the program unvarnished because you will see the real situation, versus on a hosted unofficial visit where the program/staff put on their bright shiny faces.

You can get 'serious' about unofficial visits much later in the Sophomore year or early Junior year after getting the 16's club season under your belt and seeing how fruitful your outreach efforts are.  Also, this gives time for your daughter to mature in the recruiting process and better understand what she wants in college.

Good luck!


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