August 28, 2014

College Volleyball Recruiting Rules

VolleyFamilies and PSA's - The NCAA has made some changes to traditional volleyball recruiting dates these last couple of years.  Because of these changes, there is even more confusion than ever before about when contact can occur between a collegiate program and a PSA/Family.  

Remember that 'college volleyball' is comprised of NCAA Division I, Division II, Division II, the NAIA and Junior College programs.  To assist families in understanding the recruiting contact rules for each organization (and within each division!), NCSA Athletic Recruiting put together a nice summary for VolleyFamilies!


  1. Should an injured PSA not do anything until she is relased by the doctor, in my DD's case, may be March and she is a junior. Thank you.

    1. I somehow missed this comment; my apologies. Don't reach out for recruiting until the PSA is 100% back to full speed competition. Coaches don't make accommodations, they evaluate on what they see and think a PSA can become. Wait to make a great first impression and don't stress; lots of scholarship/roster opportunities will be there!

  2. Can you make initial contact via email at anytime like the calling?


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