November 18, 2013

Free Volleyball Recruiting Webinar - The Intro Letter!

On Wednesday, the 20th of November at 9 p.m. central time, I will be hosting a Free Volleyball Recruiting Webinar courtesy of NCSA Athletic Recruiting.  The topic will be, The Introductory Letter.  

The webinar will cover how to write the Intro Letter for your outreach efforts to college volleyball programs; what to include, what not to include, video, etc.

To pre-register for this Free Webinar, click HERE!

At the conclusion of the webinar, I will stay on for a Q/A session to answer any recruiting questions you may have via the chat box!

Hope you can join us on Wednesday, November 20th at 9 p.m. central!


  1. Did the webinar happen? My daughter preregistered and we clicked on the link at about 8:45 central time, got a window that said to wait for the webinar leader to admit us to the webinar, and nothing. We shut it down at about 9:15. Any insight would be appreciated.

  2. It did happen and I did put on the webinar, but I could tell something was not right as there were no participants!!! I found out post webinar, that we had some type of log in/join in technical difficulty - We are rescheduling and will get this new date/time on the site ASAP - Sorry we had the mess up!!!

  3. Lol. No worries - we will look forward to the reschedule! Gotta love technology....

  4. The recorded webinar is available via NCSA Athletic Recruiting; just email with a request, and they will point you in the right direction online to view the webinar.

    An option which I think more clubs could take advantage of, is having a private webinar conducted specifically for your club - If this is of interest, just email me at - The webinar is complementary, courtesy of NCSA!


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