November 14, 2013

College Volleyball Transfer Question

Coach my daughter was a walk on for a D2 school.  The school ended up giving some assistance to her. The first year she became a starter as a  DS and played some Labero. This is the second year and she is the starting Labero. She is also one of the top 3 in her conference. 

My question is how do we help her make a transition from D2 to D1. How do we get her exposed to D1.  Thank you for any guidance or help you can give.  By the way a friend told me about your site and I must say it is very useful and a helpful site! 


You have left out a very important item in your question......why does she want to leave her NCAA Division II school?  She is receiving money, she is a starter and she is successful within the conference?

Honestly, you are opening a can of stress and the odds are you will not find a comparable situation for her in DI.


1.  Ask for a Permission to Contact Letter (PCL) from her current NCAA DII school.  She must have this letter before any DI school can respond to an outreach email you send, so it it is best to include this Letter as an attachment in the email.

2.  Her DII school has the right to deny issuing this PCL, and I would not be surprised if they do - After two years with the program and providing scholarship money, most coaches/schools will not be supportive of losing a starting player.

3.  If the school denies the PCL, then you have the right to ask for an Appeal, in which her situation will be heard by a Committee of non-athetic personnel.  I have yet to hear of this non-athletics Committee overruling the Athletic Department denial.

4.  If you do receive the PCL, then you re-enter the recruiting process and your daughter is now competing against every club volleyball player, JC player and 4 year college transfer DS/Libero.

5.  You must re-engage the recruiting process with massive email outreach efforts to DI schools, transcripts (because she must be academically eligible at a DI school, which has certain unit count minimum progress thresholds and no school accepts every college class from another), and video tapes for evaluation.  Also, she will need to start making campus visits, as this is a critical component of the process.

6.  The minute you ask for a PCL, and it is granted, your daughter will not be participating with her current school - It is rare a college coach will train an athlete who is leaving, so her skill sets will diminish.

7.  There will be zero guarantee of playing time at the DI school, especially as DS/Libero.  DI college coaches look at DS/Liberos as disposable players - They can find another DS/Libero as a walk on in 10 minutes.  Which means that DI coaches will obtains and cut DS/Liberos easily, as to make their program stronger.

8.  I would be genuinely surprised if you found an athletic scholarship because NCAA DI volleyball is a 'head count' sport which means only 12 fulls are given out each year; there are no 'partials' (unless the DI program is not fully funded; which is rare).   NCAA DII volleyball provides partial athletic scholarships and will package with other scholarship avenues (academic, athletic, merit and need based). If your daughter could qualify for non-athletic scholarships, this is your responsibility to find/obtain because the DI coaches don't worry about such measures.

In closing, I would think long and hard about your VolleySA leaving her DII program to chase the Siren's Song of NCAA Division I Volleyball.  

Good luck!

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  1. I agree with what the coach is saying. If your daughter is a starter and gets playing time in D-2 why would she want to move up to D-1? She must have gotten very close with her teammates too while she was in D-2 and I think it would be difficult for to re-just with a whole new team. Also what if the daughter isn't needed in D-1; it is a bad decision risk her losing her spot in D-2 for D-1. There could be a very good chance that the school rejects her and that would create a whole new mess. I think the mother and the daughter need to have a long conversation and rethink their decision about moving up to D-1. The whole situation would seem much better if everything stayed the way it was for her.


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