March 15, 2013

Volleyball Recruiting Video

Hi Coach,

I recently heard you speak and I was hoping to get some clarification regarding recruitment film.  I think you said that it is better to upload small snippets every so often, than one large elaborate video.  Am I correct or did I misunderstand you? 

Do we send continuous (like every month) snippets to coaches that we have interest or not bother them that often? After every tournament,  we add maybe 1-2 minute film?
My daughter is 15 year old sophomore, varsity HS player and on a traveling U16s national team.  She would like to play in college and she is 5'10". In club she has played all three attack positions. In HS she ended up playing and starting primarily DS due to an injury that effected her OH play.  We are fortunate to have a very skilled and talented HS Coach, who coached National club teams to championships and played himself in college (our HS coach recommends mid-lower D1 or D2 for her.)   Our club coach played D1 at an elite level.  

Most coaches like her versatility but it seems like maybe being versatile is not such a great asset for college anymore?  Are coaches looking to specialize more?  

We are getting prepared to start on this recruiting whirlwind and I was just hoping you could help me with some of my questions.  I really appreciate your advice and oh by the way, REALLY like your book too!

Thanks so much, A.Z.

I appreciate the follow-up question after one of my NCSA Volleyball Recruiting Educational Talks - I know how hard it can be to talk to me when I am surrounded by the adoring fans (kidding ;).  Also, glad you enjoy Inside College Volleyball - I think it is time to work on my next book!

On to your questions:

1.  3 minute clips of her college applicable skill sets, are better than one big tape and nothing else.

2.  I think that a once a month, new skills update is perfect - Especially if you are interacting with college coaches outside of your region, which may only see your PSA but one time or very late in the recruiting cycle.

3.  After every tourney might be a little much - I actually think the best way to capture good skills video is just to film practice segments, as it is easy to get what you need quickly.

4. 5'10 OH would do well as a low DI and/or upper D2; much depends on her jumping ability and power in her attacks.  

6.  Upper level NCAA DI is very specialized, but I would say the lower DI's and D2 are still a bit old school and like to have players play all around.  Elite DI can recruit elite players which make specialization possible.  Outside Hitters who can pass, attack, and play defense are move valued than just the OH's who only hit (at the level which you are speaking about).  It is good she is working on her passing and hitting right/left.

7.  Also, consider that the rules are always changing in college volleyball; who know, the NCAA may move to adopt strict FIVB rules?  FIVB does not allow 15 subs, and players can only go in/out once.

I will close by saying that your PSA is the Toyota Camry of the college volleyball recruiting world.  Camry's are great cars, very steady, not flashy, don't stand out but everyone can use a Camry.   The difference is that your daughter's characteristics are shared by many, many and many other recruits; just like there are a bunch of Camry's on the road.

The Families which get their Camry noticed are the ones which work the hardest at the recruiting process and stay positive during the craziness; you have got to keep reaching out to college coaches, you have got to use the support options available, you have to be patient and work your way through the various collegiate possibilities.  

Coach Matt

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