February 14, 2013

College Volleyball and the Ivy League

Wanted to let you know that because my daughter was being recruited by Harvard, another Ivy offered to match whatever financial aid Harvard would have given.  

The first number we were given was generous, but mistakenly not calculated under Harvard standards.  I questioned that and they gladly reconsidered and recalculated.  The difference was about $10K more on our side!  

Anyone shying away from Ivy's because of the cost should reconsider.  Ivy's are very generous because of their endowments and the athletic competition. Leverage was a wonderful thing for us! 

See this New York times article:


Great stuff! A.L.

The Ivy's may be the last bastion of old school NCAA Division I Volleyball.  Academics are central, the level of competition is very good, and the program's receive support which allows the athletes to have a positive experience.

I understand that the academics and financial considerations can be a deterrent to many families, but because of the experience and lifelong benefit, VolleyFamilies should always consider this avenue!

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