December 21, 2012

College Volleyball Roster Tryout


I am a high school senior setter/opposite hitter. I had been trying to contact this D2 school's coach for a while, as it is my top choice for college with/or without volleyball. Just recently she replied to my email and told me that she is looking to recruit 2 setters for my class! She also asked me if I was interested in coming for a try out sometime in January. I of course answered yes so hopefully we will set that up soon. Any thoughts? What can I expect from these tryouts? How can I prepare?

-Hopeful Setter

Congratulations and my suggestions:

1.  Train just like you would normally train.  As you should be well into your club volleyball season training by January, you should not need to do anything additional or special.

2.  Depending upon how it is structured, the tryout will be as part of the usual team practice (which is allowed in D2), or dedicated to just those PSA's which are there to tryout, or a combination of both.  They won't do anything unique or anything you have not seen in club.  As a setter, I would think the coaching staff would put you through typical setting drills, to see how your footwork is, your hand release and your placement is - again, nothing which your club team should not have done.

3.  Best advice I can give is to relax and let your natural abilities take over.  Players can never play beyond their abilities, only below their abilities.  If you over think it, get too stressed, try to do too much, you will play below your abilities and not show your best play.  You can't magically concentrate or focus, and suddenly become an Olympic caliber setter......

Congratulations and just trust your training and your ability.

Coach Matt

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