December 18, 2012

College Volleyball Recruiting Webinar!

VolleyFamilies and VolleyFans - On Wednesday, December 19th at 9 p.m. central, I will be hosting a free Volleyball Recruiting Webinar.  

Join me on the Holiday Season Volleyball and Recruiting - The focus is to use the Holiday slow time to prepare our VolleyPSA's skill and recruiting success.

The link for the webinar is:

To Join - Just click or cut/paste the link, and then sign in with a Guest name!!!

Hope to 'see' you on the webinar on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. central!


  1. Will the webinar be available for view at another time or will it be posted somewhere for download? My daughter will be ending practice at 9pm CST and I'm sure we will miss it.

  2. Tonight's webinar is being recorded by NCSA, for viewing at another time - To receive the link, please email me at after the webinar is finished!

  3. Thanks. I was recently introduced to your blog and I'm telling all my friends about it. You already know we parents need all the help we can get and your blog is full of great information.

  4. THANK YOU for the compliment - Glad you enjoy the blog and I hope you are able to come to one of my NCSA Recruiting Education Seminars!

  5. Great blog! Is there a password for the webinar?

  6. Please email Callie at NCSA for the Webinar recording -

    There was no password needed, but the log in site can be a bit confusing.


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