June 25, 2012

Volleyball Scholarship Negotiations

Hello Coach, greetings, I haven't sent you a message in awhile, but it's time again.  We so trust your guidance, it's been right on thus far, and we have an additional inquiry. 
My daughter was verbally offered a 40% scholarship, and spoke of 50% with my daughter in certain instances, such as if I am not able to recruit these two girls, then I can afford 50% for you.  The girls on the team really like you, you had a great try out.  I'm not sure about any other conversations between the coach and my daughter.  My daughter was very clear and adament about requesting 50% scholarship.
Recently we made an appointment with admissions and wanted to discuss the financials of the remainder of the education.  We let the coach know we'd be there, and wanted to meet up with him to sign the letter of intent.  He tried and could not make it, he said he'd send it in the mail.  It came today with a 40%, we would like to request 50%, can you PLEASE provide some advice?  My daughter is really desiring to minimize the debt college brings, and she is very good at what she does, Libero, the coach likes her.
This is an NAIA Division one college, and she is so excited to play against the other teams!
Please advise,
What can my daughter, or what we say to the coach to request 50% before we agree to sign the letter of intent.  At this point should we be involved or should it just be my daughter (she is 18 yrs. old).  We want very much for her to sign the contract, yet we also want 50%.
Thank you,

The joy of negotiating and especially the financial future of your daughter!

You must absolutely stay involved in the process - Money is an adult issue and must be discussed/negotiated by adult.

It sounds like the coach was being honest with you in the offer.  The program can offer a 40% for sure, and there is the possibility it could to to 50%.  The bad news is that the odds of it going to 50% are between thin and none.  But, the coach was upfront about 40% and the written offer was also 40%.

Bottom line looks like 40%.  You can ask again for 50%, and say if the offer goes to 50%, then she will sign on the line. But, the coach is 'banking' that 10% for another player(s).  

My specific suggestions:

1.  Don't concentrate on this 10% the coach had mentioned, which your family requested, but rather concentrate on the 60% which is still not covered.  Your goals should be to get this 60% down as much as possible via non-athletic scholarship avenues because there are many avenues out there via state, federal, community, organization, academic opportunities.  

2.  40% is the offer, and it is an honest offer (he did not bait and switch, saying 60% then only offering 40%).  You need to decide if this is acceptable.  If it is, then sign and move forward with non-athletic avenues for financial support.

3.  If 40% cannot work for you, then you need to move forward with continuing and enhancing your outreach efforts to secure a high financial package at another institution.

4.  Look at the Big Picture - Your daughter could get a 80% to play at a program with a crazy coach and a garbage team.  Is that better than 40% at a place she loves?  At what cost happiness?  I understand wanting to graduate with as little debt as possible, but remember that your VolleyPSA has only a 5 year window to be a collegiate athlete and that window will never, ever occur again.  You can always make more money, but you can't re-do your collegiate playing experience.

Coach Matt Sonnichsen

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