June 20, 2012

Volleyball Recruiting Double Shot

Dear Coach,
I saw where Colombus State Univesity, in Colombus, GA and Georgia College, in Milledgeville, GA were adding new volleyball programs. Is there a site where you can find all the Universities that are adding volleyball programs by region?

You may have just made the entire list!!!!

My best suggestion is the encyclopedia of College Volleyball information; www.richkern.com.  Rich is amazing in the sheer volume of information he presents and the nominal membership fee he charges is the best money you can spend on our great sport!

Hello Coach,

I wanted to let you know how thankful my family is for your passion and dedication to the great sport of volleyball. I am a father of five beautiful girls who love volleyball. My oldest (a senior 5'9" OH/DS) just signed her NLI to play  for a D2 program on the east coast. I wasn't aware of the recently reinstated four year scholarship until we were offered one. Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised.

My main point however is we waited until late in her senior year for everything to work out. I will say it was a very up and down ride and so much went into the process from my daughter working her tail off in the gym and in the classroom. Playing for a very competitive southern california club with great coaches and support staff. To using a reputable recruiting consultant all played into seeing this day come to fruition. My daughter had to say no to several offers which was scarry before she finally said yes. She had to work through the comparative stigma brought on by playing in the hot bed of southern california vb and everyone should play for a D1 program. She had 3 D1 offers that were 2&2 and 1&3's however one of her top priorities is to graduate with no to little debt which she will accomplish. I was regularly put at ease every time I would read your responses to the worried volley parents out in the recruiting world.

One down four to go. Thank you. D.P.

Thank you for the compliments, they are most appreciated.  Congratulations on your daughter's journey to her collegiate future.

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