April 2, 2012

Monday Double Quick of College Volleyball Recruiting Questions.


Hi - This is just a quick question following the fact that my daughter has received two emails now from coaches. They haven't been personal. They were just a link to the questionnaire form on the school website. Now any contact is exciting, but these schools were ones that she had previously emailed. She has not sent game tape yet either.

What I am wondering is if the colleges do that for every email they receive from a PSA or is it only to the ones that they are interested in?

Thank you as always for your advice and guidance, H.R.

A college replying depends on their specific recruiting protocols and their needs.  The younger the recruiting year, the wider the net the college coaches throw.  But, they will only recruit based upon their parameters.  For instance, if it is a big time school, they are not going to respond to a 5'8" OH because a small OH will not allow them to continue being a big time program.

Please do start sending tape - coaches will look at video first and always.  Keep reaching out to potential programs, especially during the spring of the PSA's sophomore year.  Remember that your goal is to get on the To-See list of the college coaches.  Coaches will rarely offer scholarships based on tape, they want to see players at tournaments.  But, they can't watch you if they don't know about you.


College volleyball coach:

I will make this short and sweet, since I can't sleep since this phone call.

Our daughter took part in a combine 2 weeks ago and has since received 2 recruiting flyers.  One from a D1 school and one from a D3 school.

She is enrolled in a recruiting website and has received a few "hits".  One particular D3 coach "bookmarked" her just called her tonight.

My daughter is 15 years old and a freshman in high school.

My question for you is....if a school doesn't offer athletic scholarships do they still have to abide by the same rules as the D1, D2 and NAIA schools that do?

Since my daughter was the one who answered the phone, she didn't think to ask if the person on the other end was the coach or a player from this school.

Once she hung up, my husband and I collectively stated that we thought the phone call was illegal since she is so young.  We were under the impression that all contact had to go through her coach.

Please advise......

Sincerely,  A.K. 

The rules can be confusing, especially since each category of collegiate sports has their own set (what can be even more confusing is that each sport within each category will have its own variations!).

It is legal for DIII coaches to call recruits - They have no restrictions on telephone calls at all.

NCAA DII and DI are not allowed to call a recruit until 7/1 of the Junior-Senior summer.

I am not familiar with NAIA rules, but I do believe they are allowed an earlier opportunity to call PSA's than DI/II.

Scholarship awarding has nothing to do with following the appropriate set of rules.  DIII does not award athletic scholarships, and neither does the Ivy League Conference of DI - But each school must follow the rules, scholarships or not.

I have a new saying.......Freshman Free and Sophomore Slow.  The freshman year is the last year free of stress and seriousness.  There is so much talent, physical and emotional development for young players, which the next 18 months will bring, that to put any gravitas into this year is illogical.   When she gets a little recruiting love, just smile and make a file.  I would steer away from any phone calls (either placed by you/her, which is legal for all levels, or accepting any more DIII) just because having a 15 year old talk with a college coach is just not normal.

Sophomore year, things will slowly build and before you know it, the real recruiting stress will be upon you.

For right now, just enjoy the positive reinforcement that college coaches have noticed her talent and please just let her play volleyball and have some fun.  There are so many college coaches switching jobs that the statistical reality is the college coach who your PSA may commit to when a freshman or sophomore in high school is not going to be there when she is done with her freshman year in college - Scary but true.


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