March 14, 2012

Pass - Set - Spike and Wednesday Webinar!

Wanted to remind VolleyFamilies of the Wednesday Webinar - Recruiting Reset.

Recruiting Reset will be on Wednesday, March 14th at 9 p.m. Central Time.  Follow these instructions to join:

Cut and paste this address into your browser address bar:

Click "Guest" - Type your name - Click Enter Room.

Very simple and a great way to get information about focusing your recruiting efforts as we are halfway through the 2012 club volleyball season.  This will be a live webinar, so you will be able to submit questions via the Chat Box!


Pass - Set - Spike

1.  Now is the season of Unofficial Visits.  I have a few Q and A's getting ready to post, which should provide some information. In addition, on April 4th, the Wednesday Webinar topic will be Unofficial Visits!

2.  VolleyPSA's must remember that every move is being watched when they have collegiate coaches evaluating talent.  The simplest advice I can give is this - Play Hard and Play Positive.  Not going after balls and watching them hit the floor, half jumping and coasting through a match and being selfish with emotions or attitude is a sure way to get rated as a poor prospect for a collegiate program.  Collegiate coaches don't have time for players who won't work hard in a 2 out of 3 game club match, and they absolutely don't want any poor attitudes on their team.  

3.  In the recruiting process, it is easier for a VolleyPSA to say "no" than it is to say "yes".  You want to be in the situation that you can say no many times because you only will say yes once.  Saying no is a function of reaching out to many different types of colleges/universities, and then determining which ones are potentially the best fit.

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