March 13, 2012

6 on 6 with Arizona Western College Head Coach Jason Smith

Before moving into our newest 6 on 6 article, wanted to remind VolleyFamilies of the Wednesday Webinar - Recruiting Reset.

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Very simple and a great way to get information about focusing your recruiting efforts as we are halfway through the 2012 club volleyball season.  This will be a live webinar, so you will be able to submit questions via the Chat Box!


In an effort to diversify the popular 6 on 6 feature, I wanted to present some of the wonderful variety of collegiate coaches.  Even though NCAA Division I power conferences dominate the media market and we all tend to get brainwashed into thinking this is the only collegiate volleyball option, there are so many other positive opportunities which are presented by great coaches.  

Jason Smith is the Head Volleyball coach at Arizona Western College, a Junior College in southern Arizona.  He runs a very good program, which focuses on developing their volleyball skills and academic fortitude to transition to a 4 year collegiate program and degree.  I have written often on the site and extensively in my book Inside College Volleyball about what great option Junior College Volleyball can be.

6 on 6 with Arizona Western College head coach Jason Smith:

1.    What drew you into the profession of college volleyball coaching?
I got into college coaching as an accident.  In 1992 when I graduated college the job market was poor and I was waiting for the correct opportunity in the corporate world.  I was offered a part time chance to coach at a local school and after two days I was hooked.

2.    If you could change one thing about the sport of college volleyball, what would that be?
The unbelievable amount of rules and the people that want to legislate their way to winning rather than training and recruiting.

3.    Who is the most famous person you have met and where was it?
As far as pure fame I would have to say it was Ice Cube.  I was working as a bell hop at an upscale hotel that he was staying at during a tour.  Very cool guy.  As far as, athletes Bo Jackson played for the Kansas City Royals while I was growing up and my family had season tickets. Great guy, nothing like what he seemed to be while on camera.

4.    Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Favorite vacation spot is either Curacao with a Hawaii being a close second.

5.    What is the least enjoyable part of your job?
At the juco level it is just the disappointments with academics and social issues.

6.    If you could not be a coach, what could you see as your profession?
Sales or head hunting/recruiting for a corporation.  Probably not qualified to do much else.

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