March 6, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things, Part 2 (and Wednesday Webinar Update)

Wednesday night at 9 p.m. central time, I will be conducting a live webinar titled, The Introduction Letter.

We will focus on developing the Introduction Letter to collegiate programs, as the first step in your recruiting efforts.

The link to the webinar is 

Very easy to join in; Just click the link, select GUEST, type your name and click ENTER ROOM.

Again, this will be a live webinar, so in addition to seeing my model good looks on the web cam, you will be able to submit questions via the Chat Box for me to answer!


And now......Part 2, of my highly anticipated sequel to Part 1 of A Few of My Favorite Things (Volleyball influenced of course).

Favorite Bus Driver:

Fingers the Driver - I won't mention the bus company because they were so bad, I don't want to provide them any free advertising, but they did have my favorite driver.  He drove fast, he drove safe, he did not try to befriend the players, he rarely got lost and when he did, he immediately took our direction to the destination and he talked to me the minimum amount necessary.  I made sure I got him all the meals and coca colas he could want because bad bus drivers are a real pain in the Molten!!!

Best Post Game Meal:

Fogo de Chao -  When I was at a private university and did not have to worry about being financially body scanned by the school's auditor on our meal amounts, I would pick one big match for a fancy meal if we won. One season, we beat a huge rival for the first time at their place and everyone was almost in tears of joy because we had worked so hard to reach this point, and it was the reward match (I would like to believe the joy was for the win, but was probably for the food!).  As I had a number of Brazilians on the team, we picked a very expensive restaurant called Fogo de Chao which is also in Brazil.  If you have never eaten at this place, it costs a ton and is basically as much steak as you can possible eat and still try to walk out.  When the bill came, my assistant started hyperventilating because, as she said "Coach!!!!! This is more than twice my mortgage!!!".  Let's just say it was a great day!

Favorite Sports Movie:

The Natural - It is a baseball movie, it was not made yesterday, it does not have a pounding soundtrack and you have to think deeper than usual.  For me, the movie is about second chances after bad luck, and being patient while working so hard to return for that second chance.  If you are a VolleyFamily and your PSA has not seen this movie, then I command you to see it tonight.

Best Player I have every played with or against:

Karch Karily - Many of you may know Karch as the play by play commentator on the ESPN broadcasts.  I had the honor to play with him for just a spell on the USA national team and the bad luck of playing against him on the AVP pro beach volleyball tour.  Bottom line, he was the absolutely complete best player I have ever been up with or against.  He was physically gifted, but not freakily so.  What set him apart was his mental clarity and his capacity for training hard.  I think his gift was to combine tenacity with mentality.  He could win in beach doubles with anyone, because he was so good.  He could become one of the best players in international indoor volleyball even though he was only 6'3" (on a good day) which is tiny in the men's game.  Do yourself a favor, see if you can find any indoor game videos of Karch on YouTube; you will be impressed.

My Favorite Family Vacation Destination:

Melbourne Beach, Florida - I know I am probably spoiling it for my family, as tens of thousand of VolleyFamilies will now flock here.  What I enjoy about MB is that it is uncrowded, good waves but not dangerous, lots of shells and wildlife, you can enjoy the bay for fishing or boating when the ocean may be rough, the people are laid back and friendly, the prices are low and the weather is very good year round.  Plus, you can drive there, and even though gas is stupid expensive now, it is still cheaper to drive the Family Truckster (anyone get the reference......) than fly the entire clan to Florida.

Favorite Island Beach:

Waimanalo Beach, Oahu, Hawaii (1) and Sandy Beach, Rincon, Puerto Rico (1a) - This was a tough one and I could not exclude Sandy Beach, even though Waimanalo is so heavenly.  Both beaches enjoy easy body surfing waves (but can grow into dangerous sizes on swell days, especially Sandy Beach), easy access, uncrowded, beautiful water, relaxed people and comfortable sand.  I have such wonderful memories of both places with my family, that if you are ever on these islands, please go visit and thank me later.

Best Female College Player:

Kim Willoughby -  Hands down, the best collegiate player I have ever seen.  I first saw her as a freshman for the University of Hawaii when she came to play in a conference match; my jaw hit the floor when she warmed up.  She could play any of the attack positions, passed nails, blocked lights out, dug everything, and was beyond athletic.  One season when UH was beset by injuries, she averaged like 8 kills per game because they set her in every rotation, and the opposing team knew she was getting set every rotation and she still put up huge numbers!  

Favorite Fruit:

Limes - You can't be too careful with scurvy!


  1. Hi Coach,

    I love your post game meal post, I wish I was on that team. My mouth is watering while I am trying to finish reading this.

    Any chance of you coaching club?

  2. It was a great bus ride home with very full stomachs!!!

    As for club, well, it would take a huge amount of money to get back into any avenue of coaching right now. My last coaching job wore down my coaching battery and I need time to recharge. What I value about my position with NCSA Athletic Recruiting is that it allows me to devote more time to the site, and I can make a positive impact upon VolleyFamilies as they pursue their collegiate goals through our Recruiting Education.

  3. Hi Coach,

    This is Kim Willoughby and I have to say reading your post brought tears to my eyes!! I am so honored to read an have other come up to me and show me what was written. This was my very first time visiting this site but I have posted it on my twitter and Facebook!!! Thank you so much for the high praise and if there is ever ANYTHING I can do to help just look me up!!! I will be there..

  4. Hi Coach,

    This is Kim Willoughby-Tucker and I was approached tonight at our playoff game Juncos-Caguas. Of course my first 3 years playing I played in Caguas and this year I'm in Juncos. This fan came up to me to show me this article bd I nearly cried. Your article made my night! I was injured diving after a ball of the block in our third game of the playoffs which ended what was a great season. I have to say that this in so many ways gives me so much inspiration. If there is ANYTHING that I can do to help with the positive things I'm seeing in this site just look me up. I have posted your link to my fan page, Facebook page, twitter account and I will have my volleyball club players go to your site as well. This is such a great source. Thank you for all that you are doing!!


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