March 7, 2012

College Volleyball Recruiting Success Story

Tonight at 9 p.m. central time, I will be conducting a live webinar titled, The Introduction Letter.

We will focus on developing the Introduction Letter to collegiate programs, as the first step in your recruiting efforts.

The link to the webinar is 

Very easy to join in; Just click the link, select GUEST, type your name and click ENTER ROOM.

Again, this will be a live webinar, so in addition to seeing my model good looks on the web cam, you will be able to submit questions via the Chat Box for me to answer!


These are the type of emails which make me feel proud that contributed to VolleyFamily joy!


I have been reading your site for quite some time now and have found it priceless the information you give.  I wanted to share a success story with you that you may be able to share with your other readers. 

My daughter is a junior in high school and a 2013 graduate.  She has been playing club volleyball now for 9 years and has been a setter all that time.  She is 5’7 and 5’8 on a good day.  All her time playing a lot of people(even some club coaches) told her she was too short to set at a Division II school let alone a Div 1.  She told herself that she was going to prove everyone wrong.  She worked hard, followed the recruiting calendar and we used a recruiting website and worked that hard as well.  I am pleased to announce after all that work she has just committed to a Div 1 College on a full scholarship as a setter!!  After we left the Gym we both stopped and cried and she said “ see dad with hard work, and with the desire anything is possible.  I AM A DIVISION 1 SETTER” see screamed so loud.  It was one of the proudest moments of my life watching her see a dream realized. 

Thanks again and let your Volleyfamilies know that never giving up and following the dream and the plan is what it’s all about!!!

Thanks Coach

A few keys I would point out - 1)  She did not let others define her collegiate possibilities, 2) Matched hard work in the gym with hard recruiting work outside the gym, 3) She used a variety of resources to accomplish her goals!


  1. My daughter is also a junior, her position is libero. While Division 1 may not be in the cards, she is is working hard and using all of the resources NCSA provides. I hope we will also be able to share her success story sometime soon - but right now I think she is on the right track!

  2. VD17--Your post brought tears to my eyes....Such a GREAT motivating story! (maybe you could share it on
    Our daughter started late...she had no idea what a 6-2 rotation was let alone an approach jump---and was cut from the A team and moved to the C team when she was 13. A year later (after private lessons, practice and peppering in the garage etc) she made the state's top team playing up on U-16. A year later she committed to her dream DI school on a full ride. Now, she's starting to organize for her July departure to college---it goes by way too fast.
    Hard work does pay off.....and, their internal "voice" is priceless. As is the unconditional love and support the parents give.

    1. watching our children go through the ups and downsof the process is gut wrenching. at such a young age they are forced to make choices that are so hard. i am so proud of my daughter and how that"inner voice" never let her give up. congrats on your daughter as well:)


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