December 19, 2011

New Recruiting reality?

Hi!  First of all, I absolutely love your site!  It has helped me so much!
I am in the middle of college recruiting.  I have followed your advice (made my skills videos, emailed about 30 college coaches)  and have gotten some positive results.  There are a few coaches that told me they are very interested.  I then emailed them my club schedule.  They told me that they would not be able to attend any of my tournaments, but they would be willing to set up a time if I was interested in visiting.  My question is, if they don't plan on coming to see me play, are they not really interested?  I feel like if I want them to continue recruiting me, then I need to make a visit very soon.  Is this true?  I don't want them to forget about me, but I also don't want to waste time driving to a school that isn't one of my top choices. 
Thanks for everything!  A.B

What you are experiencing is the change in the US economy.  The recruiting budgets of Volleyball program's have been hit hard and because of this, the triple C's cannot get out to see as many tourneys, in as many parts of the country as they used to or would wish to.
I am not sure what year in school you are or what position you play, because this would influence my answer to your specific recruiting questions.  I would be nervous about coaches recruiting me just from tape, but then again, per the economy, this may be happening more and more than ever. 
Beyond a school being one of your top choices, you should confirm that you are one of their top choices - All of these questions should be answered by effective communication.  You should start asking some specific questions in your emails or telephone conversations with college coaches.   I would not visit a school unless it is in your top 6 and I would not visit a school unless they tell you (and I mean directly and without fuzzyness tell you) that you are in their top 3 for your position.

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