November 3, 2011

Volleyball Club Yearly Choice

Hi Coach!

Thanks for all the information you've provided over the years. Our daughters are a college freshman (not playing volleyball anymore) and an 8th grader who is. We are trying to make Club Volleyball decisions and have some questions about the type of club to choose for the best improvement and exposure over the next few years for our younger daughter. We live in an area where club volleyball teams are average but we play in a very competitive region (California).

Our question is: Which is a better choice: 1) Play for a highly competitive and respected club / team that regularly qualifies for Junior Nationals within the players age group. This option requires significant travel and includes twice as many days of competition as the other choices. 2) Play for a highly respected but smaller club with teams that occasionally qualify for Junior Nationals but provide excellent training. This option requires somewhat less travel. or 3) Play for a local club with a good coach but on an average team in an age group above the player's age. 

Does the answer to this question change through the years of development? (ie: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior years)?

Thanks again for all your information. It has helped us so much over the years.

Sincerely, K.F.

Drum roll please...................the Answer is.............3!

Your VolleyDaughter (only matriculates to the much acclaimed VolleyPSA once she is a freshman in high school) is only in 8th grade and still has mucho mas time before worrying about the triple C's (crazy college coaches).  I answered 3 because it is a local club (less paying Big Oil your hard earned $), you believe it is a good coach (bad coaches will destroy the love of a sport, much like a bad AD for college coaches), and the team is above her age group which will push her just a bit to play up to that level of physicality.

Drum roll again please.......the Answers are..............possibly 3, 2, possibly 1, 2 for each corresponding year of high school.

Freshman year - Possibly 3 if you feel her skill development is good; don't even think about recruiting now and I will personally come TP your house if you do.  Skill development is key because ability is ultimately what the triple C's are most interested in.  If you feel her development is not good, then look at 2.

Sophomore year - 2.  She needs to be seen and by your description, club 2 gets seen, goes to national events, is not too far away and has a good reputation which will put the club on the 'to see' list of college coaches.  The Sophomore Year is the "Here I Am Year!".

Junior year - Possibly 1.  Depends on how much recruiting contact she has received during her sophomore year.  If you are not satisfied with what she has received, all other things being equal, it may be best to try and move up to an even higher profile club, provided your now VolleyPSA will be on the court and not taking stats on the sideline.  Playing time to showcase abilities is very important this year, so that could determine if your daughter stays club 2 or moves to club 1.

Senior year - 2.  If you have stayed with 2 because of exposure satisfaction, or jumped to 1 to boost the contacts, then it is just a matter of working through the process until your VolleyPSA makes her commitment while playing at a high national level to prepare for the jump to College Volleyball!  Club 2 seems to capture the most positives for your needs.

Glad you enjoy the blog and happy it is of help!

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