November 4, 2011

JUCO? We Say Yes!!!

Great Feedback from happy VolleyFamily!!!

Your blog is a gold mine of info…this California volleyfamily can’t thank you enough.

Our DD, a 5-6 S/DS, class of 2011, was recruited by a bunch of D-3’s, a hand full of D-2’s  and one persistant Juco program from out of our area. All but one were in Calif. She’s a very good technical player and has a quick mind for strategy and is a leader on the court – we figure this is why she got so much attention despite being so short. She was also a 4.0, AP student.

She had two goals for playing college volleyball. One was to continue playing the sports she loves and the other was to perhaps get some $ to help pay for her education since we fall solidly in the middle class and don’t have a ton of resources for higher ed for our kids, and, we really want to avoid loans at all costs. Well times are tough, and although the D-3’s can’t give athletic scholarships, even with her high gpa very little academic $ came through this last year and some of these were private liberal arts colleges who you would think have a lot of $ for scholarships. Not so it seems. The financial packages were mostly loans. So they were out. The D-2 budgets all seemed to have shrunk and most of the coaches spent what little $ they had on a few key positions in the front row, so they were out.

So, for our family the Juco option won out and I wanted to let you know that she couldn’t be a happier college freshman. She plays for a very competitive program in California, loves her coaches and teammates, and we pay very little comparatively for this college experience. So far, so good. Really good.  Her team is filled with kids like her – gifted athletes, mostly all good students, and all loving the juco experience.  Some of the sophomores are being heavily recruited and will probably play on. Whether she wants to keep playing after this is up to her but she will have had a wonderful experience, knocked all her general ed out of the way, and without breaking the bank.

I guess I just wanted to say that for this VF, the juco option, which you have recommended on your blog, has been perfect.

Thanks so much!

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