September 30, 2011

Pass - Set - Spike

1.  NCAA Volleyball Officiating has been frustrating this season.  Lifts and throws on attacks are seldom, if ever, being called. I am talking about flagrant changes of direction and the ball literally coming to rest in the attackers hand and then being thrown.  The strange thing is that double hits on setting attempts are being called tighter this year than last. I don't know if the Officials have forgotten about the "athletic movement" when attempting a set.  Or, as in year's past, they received a 'directive or point of emphasis' from the national office which tells them to allow more throws and tighten up setting; trust me, this stuff happens without college coaches or players being informed.

2.  Saw Nebraska against Iowa State on the Big Ten Network the other day - Nice to see Volleyball on television.  I know I am critical, but it sure seems like Volleyball is on television less and less.  Maybe I just don't have the correct cable package or get the wrong channels, but I thought I was watching televised Volleyball a bunch more in year's past.  Oh, and by the way, web telecasts don't count, especially when they are just via the school's website.

3.  The economy is still rough, according the the media and stock markets, but when it comes to travel, the airlines, airports and hotels sure seem crowded.  If I was smart, I would invest into these industries because of my inside knowledge, but being 'experienced' enough in watching the craziness of the stock market, I think I will tuck my extra quarters under my pillow.

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