September 22, 2011

Getting Back in the Game - Volleyball Recruiting Effort.

Hi Coach,

I have a question. My daughter played club ball for 4 years which was very satisfying. High school ball ...not so much. It was so bad, she elected to forgo any opportunity to play college ball. She was good. She is a fitness girl and is strong, working out 2 hours/day. Now in her first semester of community college, she is reconsidering.

Can you suggest how she might break back into it whereby she may be recruited for an athletic scholarship?

Thanks a lot. S.
As she has started in a JC, she has started her clock, unless she is only taking classes part time (less than full load), then she has not started her NCAA eligibility clock.  Since it sounds like she is full time, she has 5 years to play 4 seasons.  She is in year one of her eligibility right now, and can retroactively red-shirt as to not use this year as a playing year.

She has to approach this challenge of getting back on the radar of College Volleyball programs like she is a Senior in High School - Read through the Senior Recruiting Plan, which you can find on the site labels or search.  Also, you may consider using a reputable recruiting service.  This costs money, but since you are coming from a non-traditional avenue of recruiting, their information, support and direction could be beneficial.

Since she is not active with Volleyball, she needs to get into a gym somewhere, somehow and start touching a Volleyball; YMCA, old club team, open gym, just to start playing and training again. But, be aware of the NCAA amateurism and eligibility rules for post high school PSA's; if she competes or participates with an organized team she will use one year of playing eligibility.  This translates into not being a member of a USA Volleyball adult league or YMCA/Church league team; it is a tough rule on kids trying to get into NCAA Volleyball.  

She needs to just go to open gyms or back to her club team to train.  As part of her transition into NCAA Volleyball she will have to answer eligibility questions about what she did in the time period between High School/Club Volleyball and joining a NCAA team. 

As she will not be a traditional recruit (high school or JC player), she will need to work extra hard and rely upon video to get her name out to potential schools.  Additionally, unless she was a clear DI or upper DII player in high school, I would strongly suggest she consider the Junior College route to get her foot into the door for college athletics.

Junior Colleges are a great entree for non-traditional recruits such as your daughter.  It allows them to knock out a bunch of classes, get their skill sets up a certain level, and then pursue a finish to their career and education at a 4 year school. 

I would be very aggressive about contacting JC's, which you can find at, and including video.  The scholarship opportunities at JC's can be wide ranging; from nothing to fulls and everything in-between influenced by athletics, academics, need, merit, etc.

The reality is that it is not too late, but she will need to really work hard to reach out to potential schools, along with getting her skill sets back up to a level appropriate to College level Volleyball.

Good Luck!


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