September 20, 2011

Division I Volleyball program stalling the Recruiting process

My daughter is a 2012 OH.  Although she has played only 3 years, she has some interest from a few D1 schools.  She emailed one in particular just before AAU, and the head and asst coach both watched her play. They emailed her and we went for an unofficial visit late July.  We spent about 8 hours with coaches and other staff and felt they were very interested in her.  About 8/7, the coach and she set 9/10 as the date for an official visit. 

Today, 8/31, the coach called her and wanted to reschedule the visit.  The reason was that their NCAA paperwork was incomplete.  the coach spent over 20 minutes talking with her and she came away feeling that they were still interested.  What do you think is going on?  Is it possible that there was some goof that makes it impossible to come next week?  If they're not really interested, why spend so much time talking with her?  L.C.

My guess is that the coach is delaying the visit to give another athlete time to make a visit or to make a commitment.  Many times college coaches will use the threat of another PSA's visit to spur their top recruit into action.

To make an Official Visit, per NCAA rules, a PSA has to have on file with the NCAA Clearinghouse their ACT/SAT scores and a copy of her high school transcript. 

If your PSA has not sent these to the NCAA, then there could be truth to the coach's statement.  If the NCAA has this info, then the coach is stalling.

Just hang in there and stay active in the communication with all potential schools - there is still lots of time for the 2012 class.

Thanks for the quick reply in what is a very busy time for you.  She has her papers on file with NCAA so I guess the coach is stalling.  Not really a surprise.  Other than the two schools I mentioned, she has no other active dialogs.  If she doesn't get an offer she wants, do we just wait for club to start again and hope she's seen then?  I thought most schools had their 2012 class set by this fall. L.C.

Keep reaching out to schools/programs during the fall, so you can be ready come club season. While many D1 programs are finished with their 2012 class, many others are still working on it - also, there are always openings which come up after the season.  As I have written about before, because of injury, coaching changes, academics or just plain old home sick kids, there will be many scholarship openings come the 2012 club season!

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